‘Scotch.That's what I’ll have’ he said to the waiter ‘no ice, triple shot and get ready to keep ‘em coming all night’
Waiter’s eyebrows rise by a fraction of a millimetre ‘okkk...’
He barely notices.

He rubs his forehead, across...left...right...left...right
As if he’s trying to wipe something off...maybe he is...certainly isn’t working though cos he can still see the evening’s events just past like it was playing on Bluray – distinct, crystal clear avec sound effects.


It wasn’t meant to happen like that.
‘Your drink sir’ the waiter returns placing the glass in front of him.
He barely acknowledges him as with his left hand he grabs at his tie to loosen it and with his right he picks up the glass and knocks it back in one go.

The scotch kicks him in the back of his throat making his eyes water and his belly warm within seconds of each other...
He clears his throat and raises his glass motioning for another drink.


He places his head in his hands, flexes his shoulders and gives in to the memories that are giving him heartburn.


He did this shit all the fucking time.
She was an intern. Impossibly hot with her tiny waist and full breasts...devastating woman’s body with a child’s face.
He had her eating out of the palm of his hand from day one. It was to be an easy kill.
Push pull, tug tag. He toyed with her.
‘Mentored’ her.
‘Saw the potential in her’ he’d said to her. He chuckled drily at that stupid line and the equally stupid girls who fell for it.
WHO's stupid now motherfucker???!! He heard a small voice ask...he groaned.

Last night was the night he took her down.
He’d looked forward to it. Set it up just right. The anticipation had curled in the pit of his belly like a tight black snake.
He was going to fucking spring. Literally.
It’d taken him exactly 3months to work this ‘hustle’...this ‘target’...this ‘job’
It never took longer.

Month 1 – Ignore
Pretend like she didn't exist. Walk into the room and talk to everyone else.
Exude quiet but powerful confidence.
Association is key so get a signature scent...something powerful without being overpowering. Delicious without being sweet...musky enough to get her panties wet without being Oud.

Then after ignoring her for a few days, give her something to do that brings her directly in contact with you.
Take files from her, give files to her.
Make sure she can smell your scent on her hands when she leaves.
Imprint on her.
Then pick up the pace. Give her direct assignments. Critique them to the point where she’s upset.
Pretend not to give a rat’s ass.
Do this for a little while.

Then let up. Ease up. Preferably at a company informal event.
Pay her a public compliment. She can't believe it.
She blushes furiously. The bosses tease her; tell her if she can move you to the point of compliments she must really be something.
She gives you this look of puzzled gratitude interest and promise.
She wants to keep working hard for you.

The snake curls tighter in your belly: oh she’ll work alright.

Month 2 – interest
Now you come at her like a mentor.
She’s eager, willing...she wants to give you 180%. She comes in early and closes late and you work her HARD so she begins to accept that you must see something in her to be so hard on her.
Therefore, hard work equals growth...especially with you.

What a crock of shit.

She becomes your unofficial protégé take her to important high profile business meetings...then of course: to lunch afterwards.
Lunch becomes dinner. You put her at ease.
She starts to let her guard down.
So that she starts to even attend weekend functions with & for you.
You compliment her on her outfits but never in any way that makes it look like you’re attracted to her.
Appreciative that's it.
She begins to be lulled into a false sense of security. You know you have her when you overhear her defending you to one of the older female staff who must have tried to warn her.

The snake in the pit of your belly wraps itself deliciously crushingly tighter. Your grin to yourself is evil at best.

Month 3 - Takedown
Now this is when you come all out.
Protect her. Hug her. Make her feel good. Work late with her....*chuckle*
Projects will keep you both at work late on a Thursday.
I say Thursday because it’s close enough to the weekend to be informal but still in the week enough to seem like a week-work day.
Have her comfortable so that she takes off her shoes.
Compliment and tease her about her pretty feet and how much shorter she is without her ‘sky scraper’ heels.
She’ll blush and playfully come back with ‘I’m not short joo!’
And of course you’ll seize the opportunity to show her just how wrong she is by using yourself as a benchmark.
You’ll come round your desk and make her’ll show her she barely makes it past your chest with heels off. You’ll stand so close to her she can feel your heat and you can see the perspiration break out lightly over her upper lip and her lips part at the unexpected wetness she’d feel by the sudden proximity to you. This will happen because you will give her a look that will leave her in no doubt of the fact the you want to grab her by her little waist, throw her on the desk and make her wear her ankles for earrings.
Then just as quickly as you step close you step away, she’ll try to collect herself while you stay quiet long enough to build tension...a charged atmosphere. You know for certain that when you turn around her nipples will be straining against her blouse.
You’ll look long enough for her to follow your gaze and she’ll blush even harder.
Then you’ll offer to drop her at home. And you won't say a word.

She will barely sleep that night.

A few more days of this will lead to the next weekend when you will make like you can't take it anymore and push her up against the wall of the copy room just before you have to go to a meeting outside of the office.
And you’ll kiss her. Deeply’ll push yourself into her so she feels the hardness of you and whimpers into your mouth.
She’ll put her arms around your neck and you’ll lift her off the ground as she instinctively wraps her legs around your hips. You’ll groan into her mouth that she just HAD to wear trousers on today of all days. She’ll giggle then pant as you cup her ass and pull her even closer.
Then you’ll drop her abruptly and leave...leave her stunned.

One more week to go.
You’ll steal kisses all this week. Reliving the first encounter in the copy room. Snatching gropes everywhere, anywhere.
Then you’ll make her work late on the last day of the last week of the 3rd month.
And on your office couch, after everyone is long gone, you’ll tell her in growling tones that she can scream if she wants to cos you know she wants to.
And she’ll scream as she comes. You’ll wipe your face as you move up from between her legs and kiss her so she tastes herself. She’ll kiss you back hungrily.
You’ll hold her impossibly tiny waist that flared out to the fullest hips and ass and you’ll take her down as she screams your name over and over and over and over and the snake uncurls, springs and strikes and strikes and strikes........


Next day/Earlier today.

He strolled into the office pleased with himself.
It was going to be a good day. He sat down behind his desk and buzzed his PA for his messages. The intern should be with him for a progress/schedule meeting in like an hr.
Coffee. Yup. He’d need his daily cuppa in a minute.
He looked at his watch.
PA comes in ‘The MD has asked to see you in his office as soon as you get in?’
‘Oh? For what? Do you know?’ he asked a little surprised that MD was in already. He & his PA were usually the 1st ones in. Ah worries he thought to himself as his PA shook her head saying she didn't know.
Coffee will just have to wait.
He took the elevator to the 41st floor whistling to himself.
Walked up to the MD’s impressive doors and knocked. ‘Come’
He entered. And stopped short. A little taken aback.
What was Intern doing here? And she looked......different.

‘Have you met J? She’s from head office. Part of Internal Affairs so to speak. She’s been working with the team to identify certain problem areas. This is what I’d like to talk to you about. Please shut the door’
He turned and shut the door to the office and on his career.

‘here it is sir’ the waiter brought his 3rd drink.
He didn't care if anyone was giving him judging looks. He was here to get drunk. Where was the snake when you needed it??


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