I remember that word…newness…it was part of our special language. We would use words to communicate, whether or not they were real words - and we would perfectly understand each other.


Its crazy that you could meet someone and in an hour forget everything about them but still remember the most innocuous detail about someone you saw last 7 years ago.

Such is the complexity and simplicity of attachment. Ironic.

We build and maintain attachments to things, situations and people in varying strengths and degrees. We often think that these attachments are beyond us…that we can't help ourselves…but i have learned - "we are the architects of our own (mis)fortunes".

I love twitter for that gem.

Its difficult to let go of something or someone you think you have a strong attachment to.
Truth is though: everything can be let go of.

Being on the precipice of newness is scary. 
Leaving that job, leaving for another job in another state/country, leaving that relationship, ending that friendship, leaving that religion, starting that business,  losing that weight, growing out natural hair, growing that beard (#teamgoattee :D ) settling down with that good man or good woman…taking that chance…that risk.

It really all has to do with our comfort zones at the end of the day, and our conviction of purpose.
In my opinion its this conviction of purpose, unwavering and unrelenting pursuit of fulfillment in goals and achievement, that  takes us into actualization.
That makes our dreams come true.

Leaving that warm comfy spot underneath the toasty warm duvet when you know for certain the room is icy cold but you NEED to get your socks and onesie!

(We all can relate, not just winter cos harmattan has muscles!)

But the truth is, you have to leave that bed to get your warm knobbly socks. You have to bear/brave that cold just for sometime until you can get to what would most assuredly be the newness of your onesie stuffed at the bottom of your warm clothes drawer (or did I leave them in my fresh laundry pile?? or are they still in the dryer?? *groan*)

Nevertheless, the warmth will come again. With God's Grace and help everyday, one step at a time.

It always does.