'I Used To Love Her' Part II

3years later.
**I’m on tonight/you know my hips don't lie/**
“who’s this?”
“ah-ah! You don forget now now??”
“Excuse me?? I don't think YOU called MY phone to play 20 questions? So who’s this??”
“You neva change!.....f.i.r.e.c.a.t...”
“oooooooh!!! Osa???!! Oh my goodness!! How you dey?????!!!”
“Now you’re talking!!! That's more like the reaction I expected, silly girl...” deep familiar laugh ”how’ve you been babygirl?”
“I’ve been real good!! Its SOOOOOOOOOO good to hear from you!! I hear say you don marry!”
“Nah babe, not married yet, about to though”
“Lucy I hope? Cos that girl don suffer for your hand no be small tin!”
“Yeye girl” deep laugh again “na Lucy o, shebi I tell you say na she be my number one”
“yeah yeah...you get luck, or else her papa for find you then feed you your balls with fries”
He laughed a rumbling belly laugh for a moment “Yes o! I no fit take ex-governor pikin play”
“So bruv, you in town? E don tey! It’s been a while! We need to catch up seriously, I have MAJOR gist for you!”
“F.i.re.c.a.t!! You haven't changed! No wahala. I’m going to be at yours later to see mum & dad to give them their IV to the wedding personally. I just flew in from Abuja, still at the airport actually. I’ll call you after I’ve located the driver ok?”
“Big BOI!! Na driver levels we dey now??” Tana teased laughing “No wahala. Holla at your girl when you’re settled. Its good to hear from you...for real...”
“I’ve missed you fire cat...I’ll call you in a few ok?”
“Aiight, laters”
Osa came by the house like he’d said.
As he laughed and talked with her mum & dad, Tana looked him over discreetly.
He had become an even more delicious man.
Abuja really agreed with him. He had gone into business for himself, using his father-in-law-to-be’s connections to make his own.
He was making some real good money too.
He smelt of and looked like good money.
But he was still the same Osa; joking and teasing Tana to within an inch of her life when they were finally alone together.
Tana herself had become a most desirable young woman...she’d just finished uni and was waiting to be called up for NYSC.
She had lost all her puppy fat...except where it mattered...in her hips, breasts, thighs...ass...
Osa could barely take his eyes off her.
“Ah-ah! This babe! You wan kill pesin??? How am I supposed to take you anywhere?? Looking like THAT??!” he teased her
Tana laughed and playfully swatted his arm “You no well...you better hook me up with one of your hot boys o! I’m marriage material now...” she smirked
Osa grunted “Who? Those foolish boys I call friends? No way! We’ll find you a nice young ex-priest who just dropped out of the seminary!”
Tana doubled up laughing “Abeg! No kill me with laugh!”
It was like no time had passed as they caught up on each other’s lives.
After dinner, Osa said goodbye to her parents and Tana walked him to his car.
“I’m going back to Abuja on Sunday evening; I only came to hand deliver mum & dad’s & a few other IVs”
“No wahala” Tana replied linking her arm in his as they walked, she leaned in and sniffed at his jacket encased arm “mmmm...you smell real good”
Osa smiled amused “you mean you still go around smelling people??”
Tana laughed and pushed him away “go joo...”
He opened the car door and turned to her before he got in “let’s hang out properly tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at 4pm?”
“Nice one! I’ll ask mum. I’m sure she’ll be cool. But let your 4 be 4 mister!”
Osa laughed and hugged her “I’ve missed you...” his voice rumbled through her
“I’ve missed you too” she whispered in his ear as she stood on tip-toe “brother
Osa pulled back and eyed her strangely “I’ll call you”
Tana waved and smiled as he drove out of the yard.


**I’m on tonight/you know my hips don't lie/**
“4 o’ clock my black ass! Mmsssssssssccchhheeewww!!! I knew you’d be late”
“Whatever. I’m here now so get your ‘black ass’ downstairs” click
Tana looked herself over in the mirror one last time.
Jeans. Pumps. Simple wing-sleeved blouse.
Lip gloss. Hair.
Check, check, check, check & check.
Oh wait wait!
Paul Smith ‘ Floral’, behind the ears, wrists, décolletage...smile.

**Whistle** “Whoa! Fire cat! Looking GOOD babe! You mean it when you say you’re marriage ready huh? If you no h-a-m-m-e-r tonight eh!”
Tana laughed as she entered the car “lemme alone...this is how I look when I get out of bed mehn!”
Osa threw his head back and laughed “ok mah, whatever you say” he pulled out onto the road.
“So where’re we going?” She asked as she reached for the visor
“Look, this girl, leave that mirror alone! I’m sure you’ve looked in the mirror at home like a hundred times already! Sheesh!”
“Wurrever mehn...where are we going?”
“We’re meeting some of my friends for dinner at La Caché...”
“On the mainland?”
“ok good. They have nice food. I’m hungry” Tana gave her glossy lips a last once-over in the mirror Osa glanced at her amused “Some things never change”
She stuck her tongue out at him.

They had a nice time.
Dinner was delicious. The company was great.
They laughed a lot as they talked about the things they couldn’t in front of anyone at home, unintentionally excluding their friends after some time as they fell back in to their familiar banter...their familiar closeness.
Hours went by and all of a sudden the place became a night spot as it went from bar/lounge to an after dinner/dance spot. They decided to hang a little while longer.
Tana called home to tell her mum that she’d be staying over at Nnenna’s place seeing as she was going to be out late on the mainland. There was NO way she was going to let Osa drive her back to the Island that late!
Osa also spoke to her mum to reassure her and let her know he’d definitely be dropping Tana off at her friend’s.
Tana called Nnenna to set it up.
“Get off the phone and dance with me! I love this song!”
“Ok ok, I’ll give you the gist when we see. Keep your phone close by o!” click “I love this song too! I hope you can really move o! No old man steps, don't embarrass me”
Osa’s jaw dropped “look at this small girl! C’mere lemme show you how it’s done” as he pulled Tana to the floor.
He moved. Tana moved.
He moved closer. She moved back.
She smiled. He had moves, she’d give him that.
He took her hands and spun her around once, pulling her into him so she had to hold onto his arms.
He put one hand on her hip with the other in the small of her back so she had to move in time with him, mould with him to the music.
Tana was breathless “how did THAT happen??” she thought to herself “Oh...but he smelled so damn good...mmmmm....”He dipped his head to the side of her face and nuzzled her cheek...her eyes fluttered closed...her head fell back a little...
His lips brushed her cheek...the side of her mouth...her cheek...her ear....
“I’ve wanted you for a long long time Tana...” he growled
Her mouth opened on a gasp and she wrapped her arms around his neck as her knees went weak.
“Which kain ‘cousin’ una be?” one of Osa’s friends shouted at them over the music, breaking the moment “abeg comot make I dance with the lady!” as he cut in
Osa laughed and let Tana go...albeit reluctantly...and went back to the table where he quickly downed his drink and ordered another.
Tana tried to concentrate on making small talk with Osa’s friend but her body and mind were humming with confusion...desire...and anxiety.
“He’s like my BROTHER!”She didn't dance with him again that night.

Pick up your phone! Stupid girl!” Tana muttered angrily into her phone.
Osa stifled a yawn, “she’s still not answering?”
“I’m sure the stupid girl’s fast asleep! I TOLD her to keep her phone close by!”
“hey hey...calm down...no biggie...you’ll just come back to mine and I’ll take you home in the morning ok? I’m really tired; it’s been a long day.”
Tana bit her lip. “Ok...I guess”
“That’s settled then” Osa pulled out of the restaurant parking lot “You need to change these your fake ass friends honestly”
Tana eyed him and hissed.

“Take” Osa threw a djallabia to her “you can sleep in that”
“Thanks” Tana said as Osa left the room for her to get changed.
She changed quickly and got under the duvet and waited for him to come back in.
She waited.
She tip toed to the door pulling it open a little

“Nah, I’m just going to bed in a minute...How u dey?...Mhm...Ah-ah! Why??...That man is an ass! I told him...no I did...mhm?...Yes now! Last week...yeah?”

He was on the phone...most likely to Lucy...
Tana got back in to bed and eventually fell fast asleep as the wine she’d had kicked in.
She stirred a little when she felt the bed shift under Osa’s weight as he finally came to bed.
“Tana. Tana. Move over and stop hogging all the duvet joo” he whispered to her.
She grunted and moved...by a fraction of an inch.
Osa rolled his eyes and got in using his body to move her over.
She moved a lot more this time, giving him a wide berth as she woke up a little more.
He settled in and turned over to the other side to sleep. Tana fell back asleep.

She woke up in the middle of the night to warm arms around her.
Osa at some point had pulled her into him and cuddled her so they were spooning.
She turned carefully to look at him. His face...familiar as he slept.
His lips...full...
His eyelashes long and curly casting shadows on his cheeks...
His features softened by sleep...
His breath smelled like cognac and mints...he always brushed his teeth at night no matter what.
She stroked his face...he didn't stir.
She looked at him...hesitated...then leaned in and kissed him softly on his mouth...he still didn't move.
She got a little bolder and kissed him again, this time taking his lower lip into her mouth.
He opened his eyes. He looked at her for a long minute.
Then he pulled her roughly to him and kissed her hard.
He ran his hands over her legs to the hem of the djallabia and pushed it up so he made contact with her soft bare skin, stroking his way up towards her hips.
As he ran her his hands over her hips and butt, he groaned into her mouth as he realised she had taken off her panties.
He pulled away and growled “you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you...needed you...loved” Tana cut him off by kissing him and pulling him over her wrapping her legs around his waist.
She could feel his hardness poking her through his pyjamas bottoms.
He knelt up and pulled her up, so he could take off her djallabia.
He looked at her body in the dim light...at her curves...at the glistening of both her lips and then he dipped his head and kissed her deeply on one set as the other opened on a moan.

As Osa drove Tana home early the next morning, they sat in silence.
Tana had the window down so the cool morning air hit her face as they crossed the 3rd Mainland Bridge...she shuddered with pleasure as memories of the night before flashed through her mind...she smiled to herself...
Osa kept glancing at her...obviously wondering what she was smiling at...
She wished she could freeze this moment...put off what was coming
Tana bit her lip.
This was insane!
She sighed.
He looked at her sharply. She smiled to reassure him, but looked quickly away so he didn't seize the moment to speak.
She needed to work up her nerve.
It had to be done.


They stood at the front door. Tana raised her arm to ring the bell but Osa stopped her.
“Wait” He pulled her close.
“Tana” he looked intently into her eyes “talk to me. What are you thinking?”
She smiled at him, gently extricating herself from his arms. Here we go she thought.
“Tell you what Osa?”
“Tell me something! ANYTHING! Tell me how you feel!!...Tana: I love you! I’ve loved you since you were 15!”
He held her upper arms tightly his face inches away from hers, searching her eyes - breathing hard after his outburst...
He dropped his hands shocked...stepped back “What the fuck??” he lowered his voice whispering fiercely “’So’?? What d’u mean ‘so’?? I tell you I love you and all you have for me is ‘so??”
Tana put her hands on her hips and leaned close to him, eyes flashing
“I mean so-fuck-what Osa? you selfish ass!” she eyed him “You love me abi?? Now? So I’m supposed to burst into song and dance or what?? So now we had great sex. And then? You ALWAYS had my number. ALWAYS knew exactly where I was! And what happened to ALL the time before now??” she made a circle in the air with her index finger “Look, you’re married in less than a month and I’m not about to ask you to change that. Not that you’d want to...knowing you...or would you really leave Lucy after 8 friggin’ years??”
Osa went quiet, his jaw working.
Tana smiled sardonically “I didn't think so. ‘She’s always your number one’ right? And then so what would happen next? What would I become? Your ‘bit on the side’? Your ‘mistress’?? she spat "That would certainly be funny” she laughed bitterly “to go from being sister to mistress...but I guess that’s how you see me”
He started to reply her but she cut him off.
Her voice turned hard as she put her hands on her hips and stopped smiling “but NO Osa, I do not see myself THAT way! So I will NOT be that to you” she spat “so let it go. It was what it was. It happened. It was good. Leave it there.”
Osa looked at her for a long minute...then smiled sadly and strangely, a little proudly...”fire cat...” he reached for her.
Tana sighed, ringing the doorbell as she stepped out of his reach. Almost immediately Tobe opened the door, a plate heaped with yam & egg sauce in his hand, his cheeks bulging.
She brushed past him, going up the stairs without a word.
“What’s wrong with her?” she heard Tobe ask
“Nothing...you know how she can be. See your plate this guy! I’m hungry, hope there’s still yam o” they started to laugh and talk as they headed for the kitchen.

How funny she thought to herself as she changed out of her clothes, his scent everywhere and nowhere all over her...
She sat heavily on her bed, allowing the sadness to finally wash over her...

“...He’d taught her to be smart with her body and her heart...”
...in one night she’d had her first orgasm and lost her first love.

'I Used To Love Her' Part I

She was 15 when she saw him again.

It was a hot sweltering beast of a Nigerian “summer” day...you know the kind...
No breeze.

Sticky. Humid.

Air so still, even a makeshift fan was useless...even the mosquitoes don't bother to make their usual rounds.
The kind of day that made you curse NEPA every 2 minutes while simultaneously trying to sleep away the hours, until it was your streets turn on the “power sharing” rota or until the gate-man put the gen on.

Whichever came first.

She was home alone; everyone else was outside playing in the large yard.
She was too irritable to join.
Besides, she was much older than them and Nnenna was meant to call any minute now.
There was that gist about Carl that was pending.
At least she had something to look forward to! She grumbled to herself as she turned over on her back.

She spread herself some more on the floor of the TV room where she lay, willing a breeze to come through. She’d pulled her top up a little and unbuttoned her jeans so she could fan her tummy.

“mmsssssscccchhhheeeewwwww!” she hissed at the ineffectiveness of the effort.

After a few minutes though, luckily she dozed off.


“I don't think anyone’s home” a rumbling male voice
“let’s go upstairs and see” a female voice

She stirred but didn't wake.

“Hello?” Called the deep male voice
“Oops! I think she’s fast asleep” whispered the female
The male voice chuckled and then its owner nudged her.
She woke up opening one eye, sitting up on one elbow she started to work herself up to lay into the idiot who had dared to wake her!
“Are you mad??! Oh!” she yanked down her top and grabbed at her jeans zipper.

Oh shiiiiit! oh shit shit shit!” she thought cringing as she scrambled up off the floor.

The strange guy looked amused while his equally strange female companion looked at her with pity, nudging the guy, who was openly chuckling by now, to stop.
She narrowed her eyes, deciding on the spot that she disliked them both, ‘strange guy’ a little more than ‘strange female’.
“Ok, so I’m guessing your mum isn’t home right?” the guy said
She looked at the clock that said 2.30pm and gave him a look that said “uh, d-uh??”
“No she isn’t” she said in a polite almost bored voice.
“You’re Chetana...“Tana” right?” he said
She looked at him suspiciously; “yeah..?”
“You don't remember me do you? I’m your cousin Osaretin? Osa? Uncle Osa? Though I think you’re probably too old to call me that anymore.” Grin “This is my girlfriend Lucy.”
Lucy smiled. She was not bad looking.
Tana smiled (grimaced) back.

Tana looked at Osa...Uncle Osa...Uncle Osa...Uncle Osa! who was supposed to be in Ekpoma University or was it Uniben?

Well whatever.

“Oh right...I remember you” she replied, this time sounding really bored “since mum is still at work, I’ll tell her you came by?”
Osa looked at Tana amused “You haven't changed much, have you? Last time I saw you, you were 10 and had just started “spitting fire”. How old are you now? 14? In...um...JSS3?”
Tana stopped herself from rolling her eyes just at the LAST minute “15 and SS2” she said with a little toss of her head.
Osa grinned hugely at that “yup...still spitting fire...but all grown up and beautiful with it.”
Tana blinked, cut off guard “th..thank you..” she mumbled blushing

A hot Uni guy just told her she was beautiful!! Nnenna must hear this ooooooo!

Lucy shifted a little, indicating she was ready to go.
“So tell your mum I stopped by to say hello to her. I’m in Lagos staying with my sis here in Ikoyi for a while so I’ll be by to see her later” Osa said as he led Lucy down the stairs with his hand on the small of her back.
Tana grunted an ok.
As Lucy walked out the front door, Osa turned and gave Tana a look and said; “see you later Fire cat
Tana shut the door and took the stairs back up 2 at a time to get to the phone.


Uncle Osa or Osa as he preferred to be called came by later that evening.
Tana ignored him.
Tana’s mum was very pleased to see her cousin’s son again.
Tana ignored him.
He had dinner at their house and stayed till Tana’s dad came home so he could say hello.
Tana ignored him.
He and Tana’s younger bro, Tobe, got into football chatter and it was quite late when Osa finally left for his sister’s house a few streets away.
Tana was secretly sad he had to go.

Apparently Osa’s university was on strike indefinitely and as a result he became a regular fixture around their house over the next few months.
He’d call ahead on the land line then come over, usually when Tana’s dad wasn’t home...for some reason, Osa felt he needed to keep his interaction with the Old man to the minimum.
Tana & Osa became quite close.
He eventually apologised for walking in on her and embarrassing her like he did and laughing about it too!
He became the big brother Tana, being the first, had never had. He gave her “expo” on guys, told her about all their tricks.
He told her about the games he was running with other chicks besides Lucy, although he swore she was always his number one.
He ate the result of Tana’s first attempt at making stew...all watery and peppery but he ate it with relish.
He would come over almost every night to give them gist and teach her to cook stew properly .He would crash on their couch when Tana’s parents were away as his sister’s husband was giving him a hard time.
His school eventually resumed after almost 10months and he went off, but would come back to Lagos on holidays and in betweens i.e. more strikes.
Tana realised as she got older that she’d always been attracted to Osa on some level, but she put it down to a teenage crush and got over it...she tried very hard.

Tana got very used to Osa.
Tana got very used to all her friends crushing on Osa.
Tana got very used to his deep drawling voice.
She got used to asking his opinion and advice on many things.
She got used to sounding off to him about her parents when they made her mad.
She talked to him about school issues.
He was the one she told about her first boyfriend.
She confided in him when she had sex for the first time, crying about how awful it was and how guilty she felt.
He told her not to worry; it would DEFINITELY get better: the sex AND the guilt.
He said all the right things.
He told her off at the right time.
And he especially taught her to be smart with her body and her heart.

Then one day Osa came to Lagos and said he’d finished uni but would be moving finally to Abuja.
Tana’s heart broke a little...but she was old enough to know he had to go.
She was in her 2nd yr at uni.
They hugged tightly after she walked him to his car.
“I’ll miss you fire cat”
Tana struggled not to cry holding him tighter.
Osa pulled back and smoothed her hair away from her face “We’ll talk on the phone...ah-ah! You wan cry?” he asked softly “don't cry babygirl...”
He looked at her and dipped his head towards Tana.

Everything changed.

Tana jumped back as if she’d been burned.
Osa shoved his hands deep in his pockets and stepped back.
“I’ll call you from Abuja” he said tightly as he opened the car.
“Ok...” Tana croaked smoothing her denim skirt over her hips, picking at invisible lint “bye!” and she turned and ran into the house.
She heard the car squeal off as she shut the door.
She leaned against it breathing hard “what the hell just happened???”
She knew he would not call.

to be continued....


She lay in bed.
Right in the middle, where she always lay...that much was obvious as the bed moulded to her form like it was used to this...used to her; here.
She felt tired...so tired of smiling at everyone downstairs...she just wanted to be alone...she just wanted to shut her eyes...just for a minute...just for a minute
His scent hit her, softly, but left her a little winded by its unexpectedness.
Imagine a caress that has the effect of a slap.
She burrowed half her face in the pillows...looking for the source of his delicous smell so she could climb in there and stay...and not move.
She smiled as she heard his voice in her head "Yinks, o di kwa mma! You keep doing this...I dont know why you're all the way in my back when there's so much space on your side of the bed...and your toes are so icy! wahala e ti po ju honestly..." he'd grumble half heartedly settling in the bed so she could curl better into his back.
She was always amused because he always really liked her snuggling up to him..he was always so toasty warm..mmmm...
He slept topless..all smooth soft skin over a body that still did it for her.
Her smile faded slowly as the pain started to build in an achy heat in the center of her chest.
She cleared her throat as she fought it...she just wanted to shut her eyes...just for a minute...just for a minute...
The pain subsided...gave her small relief...

She smiled again as an image of him getting dressed in the morning popped into her head, all thumbs when it came to his cufflinks..he had the biggest hands ever.
But she never complained...she chuckled....
He'd put his shirt on, his underwear, his pants, his tie...making sure everything sat right - looked right.
Then he'd present his wrists to her, like she wasnt getting dressed too and didnt have to be ready to leave just as quickly as he did.
No. Everything stopped when Chinedu's cufflinks needed attention.

She chuckled again.
Ow...there was the pain again...this time she pulled a pillow to her...clasping it to her chest tightly.
She pulled the pillow harder to herself, trying to breathe through the rising pain...she just wanted to shut her eyes...just for a minute...just for a minute...
The pain subsided...gave her small relief...

Now this reminded her of another tightness...of holding on to him like her life depended on it...while he made her cry out...made her laugh and soothed her all at the same time.
He knew the right amounts to give her each time...each.and.every.time.
He always said that sometimes he felt like he knew her body better than he knew her.
She always said her body was his mistress while she was his wife.
She always felt fragile in his arms..precious..loved...

She curled up tighter in the foetal position...hmmm..she'd forgotten to take her shoes off, she noticed absentmindedly...
She felt cold.
The pain was getting too much to control now...

Then she remembered his smile..his smile...

This time the pain hit her in the chest so hard she sat up suddenly gasping as her eyes stung with tears that were suddenly there.
She struggled to breathe...there was no air...she shook her head to get away from the beauty of it ...the wonder of it...the gift of the love that was always always in his smile when he looked at her.
The way it showed off his single dimple that she always teased him about saying he stole it from his mum, only able to make away with one before mama caught on to what he was doing.
The way it spread his full lower lip so all she could think about was suckling it...
The way it spoke to her in their secret language.

She wiped her face, looking surprised at how wet her hands were.
She couldnt believe she had anymore tears left to shed...and they just kept coming and coming...
She clutched at her chest, at the heaviness that she felt there...trying to get comfortable wondering vaguely what animal was making that horrible noise.

"Yinka! Yinka!" her mother shouted bursting into the room followed by her sisters, all with alarmed looks on their faces.
Oh..she realised almost stupidly..I'm making that awful noise
Her mother rushed to her pulling her to her chest, engulfing her in softness, "mummy-smell" and faint perfume.
Yinka pulled back and looked at each of them slowly...one after the other..thinking to herself randomly that her sisters actually looked pretty in their black dresses, though a little too pale and drawn. No. That wouldnt do.
Her face must have shown something..something heartbreaking because her baby sis Kemi started to weep uncontrollably in deep hiccupy sobs, her tears slowly wetting the neckline of her dress. Laide, the middle sister put her arms around Kemi "its ok..shhhhhhh..its ok...o tito" she soothed through her own weeping.

"Mummy..." the look on Yinka's face sent a hot flash of pain through her mother "my heart is gone...what will I do without Chinedu? What do I do with all this space? eh Mummy?" she whispered in the most tired voice gesturing at the bed.
Yinka's mum bit the back of her hand to keep from crying out at the despair & brokeness she was looking at.
She took a deep breath then cradled her oldest child's face in her hands and said the only truth she knew
"You have to let him go..."


‘Scotch.That's what I’ll have’ he said to the waiter ‘no ice, triple shot and get ready to keep ‘em coming all night’
Waiter’s eyebrows rise by a fraction of a millimetre ‘okkk...’
He barely notices.

He rubs his forehead, across...left...right...left...right
As if he’s trying to wipe something off...maybe he is...certainly isn’t working though cos he can still see the evening’s events just past like it was playing on Bluray – distinct, crystal clear avec sound effects.


It wasn’t meant to happen like that.
‘Your drink sir’ the waiter returns placing the glass in front of him.
He barely acknowledges him as with his left hand he grabs at his tie to loosen it and with his right he picks up the glass and knocks it back in one go.

The scotch kicks him in the back of his throat making his eyes water and his belly warm within seconds of each other...
He clears his throat and raises his glass motioning for another drink.


He places his head in his hands, flexes his shoulders and gives in to the memories that are giving him heartburn.


He did this shit all the fucking time.
She was an intern. Impossibly hot with her tiny waist and full breasts...devastating woman’s body with a child’s face.
He had her eating out of the palm of his hand from day one. It was to be an easy kill.
Push pull, tug tag. He toyed with her.
‘Mentored’ her.
‘Saw the potential in her’ he’d said to her. He chuckled drily at that stupid line and the equally stupid girls who fell for it.
WHO's stupid now motherfucker???!! He heard a small voice ask...he groaned.

Last night was the night he took her down.
He’d looked forward to it. Set it up just right. The anticipation had curled in the pit of his belly like a tight black snake.
He was going to fucking spring. Literally.
It’d taken him exactly 3months to work this ‘hustle’...this ‘target’...this ‘job’
It never took longer.

Month 1 – Ignore
Pretend like she didn't exist. Walk into the room and talk to everyone else.
Exude quiet but powerful confidence.
Association is key so get a signature scent...something powerful without being overpowering. Delicious without being sweet...musky enough to get her panties wet without being Oud.

Then after ignoring her for a few days, give her something to do that brings her directly in contact with you.
Take files from her, give files to her.
Make sure she can smell your scent on her hands when she leaves.
Imprint on her.
Then pick up the pace. Give her direct assignments. Critique them to the point where she’s upset.
Pretend not to give a rat’s ass.
Do this for a little while.

Then let up. Ease up. Preferably at a company informal event.
Pay her a public compliment. She can't believe it.
She blushes furiously. The bosses tease her; tell her if she can move you to the point of compliments she must really be something.
She gives you this look of puzzled gratitude interest and promise.
She wants to keep working hard for you.

The snake curls tighter in your belly: oh she’ll work alright.

Month 2 – interest
Now you come at her like a mentor.
She’s eager, willing...she wants to give you 180%. She comes in early and closes late and you work her HARD so she begins to accept that you must see something in her to be so hard on her.
Therefore, hard work equals growth...especially with you.

What a crock of shit.

She becomes your unofficial protégé...you take her to important high profile business meetings...then of course: to lunch afterwards.
Lunch becomes dinner. You put her at ease.
She starts to let her guard down.
So that she starts to even attend weekend functions with & for you.
You compliment her on her outfits but never in any way that makes it look like you’re attracted to her.
Appreciative that's it.
She begins to be lulled into a false sense of security. You know you have her when you overhear her defending you to one of the older female staff who must have tried to warn her.

The snake in the pit of your belly wraps itself deliciously crushingly tighter. Your grin to yourself is evil at best.

Month 3 - Takedown
Now this is when you come all out.
Protect her. Hug her. Make her feel good. Work late with her....*chuckle*
Projects will keep you both at work late on a Thursday.
I say Thursday because it’s close enough to the weekend to be informal but still in the week enough to seem like a week-work day.
Have her comfortable so that she takes off her shoes.
Compliment and tease her about her pretty feet and how much shorter she is without her ‘sky scraper’ heels.
She’ll blush and playfully come back with ‘I’m not short joo!’
And of course you’ll seize the opportunity to show her just how wrong she is by using yourself as a benchmark.
You’ll come round your desk and make her standup...you’ll show her she barely makes it past your chest with heels off. You’ll stand so close to her she can feel your heat and you can see the perspiration break out lightly over her upper lip and her lips part at the unexpected wetness she’d feel by the sudden proximity to you. This will happen because you will give her a look that will leave her in no doubt of the fact the you want to grab her by her little waist, throw her on the desk and make her wear her ankles for earrings.
Then just as quickly as you step close you step away, she’ll try to collect herself while you stay quiet long enough to build tension...a charged atmosphere. You know for certain that when you turn around her nipples will be straining against her blouse.
You’ll look long enough for her to follow your gaze and she’ll blush even harder.
Then you’ll offer to drop her at home. And you won't say a word.

She will barely sleep that night.

A few more days of this will lead to the next weekend when you will make like you can't take it anymore and push her up against the wall of the copy room just before you have to go to a meeting outside of the office.
And you’ll kiss her. Deeply hard...hot...you’ll push yourself into her so she feels the hardness of you and whimpers into your mouth.
She’ll put her arms around your neck and you’ll lift her off the ground as she instinctively wraps her legs around your hips. You’ll groan into her mouth that she just HAD to wear trousers on today of all days. She’ll giggle then pant as you cup her ass and pull her even closer.
Then you’ll drop her abruptly and leave...leave her stunned.

One more week to go.
You’ll steal kisses all this week. Reliving the first encounter in the copy room. Snatching gropes everywhere, anywhere.
Then you’ll make her work late on the last day of the last week of the 3rd month.
And on your office couch, after everyone is long gone, you’ll tell her in growling tones that she can scream if she wants to cos you know she wants to.
And she’ll scream as she comes. You’ll wipe your face as you move up from between her legs and kiss her so she tastes herself. She’ll kiss you back hungrily.
You’ll hold her impossibly tiny waist that flared out to the fullest hips and ass and you’ll take her down as she screams your name over and over and over and over and over....................as the snake uncurls, springs and strikes and strikes and strikes........


Next day/Earlier today.

He strolled into the office pleased with himself.
It was going to be a good day. He sat down behind his desk and buzzed his PA for his messages. The intern should be with him for a progress/schedule meeting in like an hr.
Coffee. Yup. He’d need his daily cuppa in a minute.
He looked at his watch.
PA comes in ‘The MD has asked to see you in his office as soon as you get in?’
‘Oh? For what? Do you know?’ he asked a little surprised that MD was in already. He & his PA were usually the 1st ones in. Ah well...now worries he thought to himself as his PA shook her head saying she didn't know.
Coffee will just have to wait.
He took the elevator to the 41st floor whistling to himself.
Walked up to the MD’s impressive doors and knocked. ‘Come’
He entered. And stopped short. A little taken aback.
What was Intern doing here? And she looked......different.

‘Have you met J? She’s from head office. Part of Internal Affairs so to speak. She’s been working with the team to identify certain problem areas. This is what I’d like to talk to you about. Please shut the door’
He turned and shut the door to the office and on his career.

‘here it is sir’ the waiter brought his 3rd drink.
He didn't care if anyone was giving him judging looks. He was here to get drunk. Where was the snake when you needed it??

The Beginning

Twitch...slight twinge of pain...shake it off

It's time.

Pain kicking in like a pimp owed money.

I heaved...sighed...moaned and cried...
My waters broke and I bore down hard and PUSHED.

And birthed....Words.

These are my words....Mocha Words.