Auld Lang Syne

She stretched languorously as she woke up a bit more with each second.
This bed was amazing.
A memory flashed in her mind, lips close to her ear “you’ll love my bed” he’d said.
She smiled, he hadn’t lied.
She slowly shifted her body around a bit more, her eyes still closed…the sheets felt so good against her bare skin…so good she briefly contemplated a lie-in.

She popped one eye open & looked at her left wrist, the luminous dial on her watch told her it was 5.08am.
Good she thought, it’s still dark enough outside.

She rolled onto her side & sat up, legs swinging over the side of the bed to place her feet on the plush carpeting, at the same time rolling her shoulders & neck a little…she smiled again as she massaged her breasts gently…she didn’t mind the soreness, it was a welcome consequence.
She looked behind her, he was still asleep.

Such a beautiful man.

His eyelashes were so full & long especially for a guy. He lay on his back, one arm thrown over his forehead and the other at his side with his hand splayed over his belly button area, mouth slightly open. His wide chest rose & fell as he breathed, emphasizing his taut stomach and the ‘v’ of his hips. His legs were spread a little, left leg turned out at the knee so his cock lay thick on his left thigh. His dark skin glistened in the glow of the muted TV.
She narrowed her eyes…licking her lips subconsciously.

Such a beautiful man.

She got up and stretched fully, going on her tippy toes, arms reaching towards the ceiling…she heard the pops & cracks reminding her how long it’d been since she’d done the things she’d done last night they way she’d done them. She grinned as she padded softly towards where her thong lay barely noticeable by the bottom of the drapes, as she turned them out & put them on, she scanned the room for the rest of her clothes.

Shoes by the door.
Skirt on the floor half under the reading desk.
Sparkly top glittering from the floor beside the bed.
Bra…now where was her bra?

She looked at her watch again, 5.15am.
She had to be out of there in the next 5mins, the bra would just have to wait.
She put all her clothes on quickly & quietly, watching the bed to make sure he wouldn’t wake…hoping he wouldn’t wake.
She disconnected her blackberry from the charger by his side of the bed, he must’ve plugged it in because she couldn’t for the life of her remember doing that.
She picked up her shoes and purse heading for the door. She stopped.
Glanced back at him.

Such a beautiful man.

She opened the door carefully, resisting the urge to go back and kiss him, shutting it carefully behind her.
The house was quiet. Thankfully. It meant the housekeeper had not resumed for the day.
She went through the kitchen out the back door, walking quickly to the security post.
“Sunday!” she whispered loudly, knocking on the door “Sunday!!!”
“Aunty!” he answered
“Oya abeg come open gate for me”
“Ok Aunty”
She walked back to her car turning it on as Sunday opened the gates.
She pulled out and turned onto the street, reaching into her purse for her phone.
She unlocked her blackberry.
Time to return those missed calls.
“Hello” he answered groggily in a sleep amplified baritone on the 5th ring
“Hey baby” she said softly with a smile in her voice “happy new year again”
‘Hey honey” he said warmly “na wa for you o, I don call you tire”
“No vex” she purred “didn’t hear my phone over the music”
“So how did Terwase take the surprise?”
She laughed a little “Omo! E remain small make her eye comot! She didn’t see it coming at aaaaaaaall, least of all on New Year’s Eve”
“I can imagine” He chuckled “Ngwa where are you?”
“Just driving from hers to yours now”
“Ok then, come tell me all about it”
She groaned “Ehn, I have to crash first then I’ll give you the gist later”
“No wahala”
“Alright baby, see you in a bit”
“Drive safe” he replied and hung up.
She started to put her phone away when it beeped.
Message alert.
She touched her screen to open up her bbm, eyes darting between the road and her phone.
when did you leave?
She smiled typing quickly with one hand as she slowed down in the “Exact Fare” lane to pay at the toll gate.
not long ago. Didn’t wanna wake u. sleeping like a baby
babies don’t do the things we did
She laughed out loud
no…they certainly don’t
that was fun though…as it has been every year…so same next NYE?
yes you sexy man…till next NYE :* …have a safe trip back, ping me when you land?
sure thing babe…I can still taste you
u shud!…u had ur tongue practically grazing my kidneys last nyt!
lmao! I did didn’t I? :D
*eyeroll* Bye K
Lol bye babes

She smiled as she accelerated out of the gate towards her boyfriend’s house.