The Business Of Being

Come with me
Let me give you a glimpse of my inner workings, my psyche
Shed light on or possibly dissuade your suspicions
Confirm your assumptions and definitely give you new perceptions
Of what is me, as opposed to what I seem to be
What, to me, is the business of being

Let me show you how my mind works
Its little nuances, its peculiar quirks
How what may be imperative to others
Could very well be of no consequence to me, how I don’t bother
With certain social rules & directions
So that the last thing I worry about is falsity and affectation
How it is not unusual for me
To keep my own company
For hours on end:
I am my very good friend
I talk to me, visit with me
Its quite natural you see
Because it’s just the business of being

I have no qualms with regards to people’s personalities
I am of the strong conviction that one should just let people be
But if at any point they cross me
I point this out quickly
And then we all go back to the business of being
This is my expectation
I ask you not to wallow in your frustration
If you feel the need to draw my attention
To a possible offense, a point I may gave caused friction
Please by all means do
So I can apologize to you
And like a hole in the road somewhere
I know to avoid this with you whenever I find myself there
As where you may have the gift of telepathy
Sadly I’m not as blessed you see
So tell me & I’ll tell you too
This to me is the business of being